Welcome Pete Sanderson

Performance Based Group are excited to welcome Pete Sanderson on board as our new General Manager.


Having worked at AECOM (a multi-national engineering consultancy) for 14 years, most recently as associate director and operations manager for the 235 strong NSW Buildings and Places team, Pete will be running the day to day operations across the entire group.


“The group and team have a fantastic energy. Everyone I’ll be working with is passionate about making change and pushing boundaries, and I’m excited to help with that”, Pete said.


Pete’s appointment gives our director, Will Marshall, the time he needs to focus on key areas of the business, and allows for PBC to take on more consulting work, as demand for performance-based solutions continues to grow.


“We’re at a stage where demand for our services is at an all-time high, and we want to continue to deliver great outcomes for our clients. Bringing Pete on board with his nuanced business acumen, on both the client and the internal business side, has given me the assurance I need to take on some of the larger and more multifaceted work PBC is offered.”


It also gives Nathalie Lynton – Director of Shared and Halved Consulting the ability to extend and take on more complex functional business projects.


“I’m excited to have more time to focus on our clients, as they present with increasingly complex business needs. The start of the year always means changes to HR policies, business models and operational practices, so I’m excited to have the capacity to delve deeper into the ‘nitty gritty’ of the issues our clients are experiencing so they can flourish”.


Pete is also looking forward to help launch our new BECODE offering in the coming months, so make sure to follow them on LinkedIn to keep up to date.